to remember: from the Latin re-cordis, to pass back through the heart


2014, encaustic painting on board w/mixed media collage

untitled, 2014, encaustic painting, mixed media collage on board


2014, photograph & mixed media on board

untitled, 2014, photograph & mixed media on board


2014, photograph w/ mixed media

untitled, 2014, photograph with mixed media on paper
Image 3untitled, 2014, graphite & charcoal on paper


2014, graphite on paper

untitled, 2014, graphite on paper



To Shape a Gathering

Again it’s that time

When she needs to make

Something beautiful ~ some

thing an artist might do.

To shape a gathering

where a spiked hue might repeat,

Where a shade becomes

a trough in the pattern,

In the wave. After so

long to simply show

Something true.

Her planet has moved.

James Bertolino