Weaving the Invisible ~ limited edition prints for sale!

weaving the invisible work in process

“The artist appeals to that part of our being…which is a gift and not an acquisition ~ and, therefore, more permanently enduring.” Joseph Conrad


Weaving the Invisible ~ limited edition prints for sale!

and Lewis Hyde’s “The Gift”



detail from “weaving the invisible” 2012-2016


The ideas in this seminal book by Lewis Hyde, “The Gift”, http://www.lewishyde.com/publications/the-gift, have returned to me again and again. If one believes that the result of an artists’ efforts can be called “a gift” and that that “gift” comes from their inner world, Hyde suggests that “only by the gifts of the inner world being accepted as gifts in the outer world are they able to retain their vitality.” In today’s age of commerce and the exchange of commodities, many artists must nourish themselves both spirtually and materially through the exchange of their art as another commodity. For me this is often an unsatifying result of my efforts. Although I see the work of the artist as a vocation and one that entails hardwork, intention and self discipline ~ I also experience the process of making art as a daily practice. A practice of both heart and soul.

 from “The Gift”, “I have hoped to write an economy of the creative spirit: to speak of the inner gift that we accept as the object of our labor, and the outer gift that has become a vehicle of culture. I am not concerned with gifts given in spite or fear, nor those gifts we accept out of servility or obligation; my concern is the gift we long for, the gift that, when it comes, speaks commandingly to the soul and irresistably moves us.”

In thinking about these ideas over many years I wanted to find a way for more people to enjoy the work that I do ~ beyond purchasing the single original. In this recent body of work, “Weaving the Invisible” I was moved to have a limited edition of prints made of these six original images. As each piece began as a photographic image on paper, it lent itself to these beautiful digital reproductions done on high quality rag paper. If you are interested in purchasing one of these prints please see my website for more details. http://www.debragoldmanstudio.com/prints-for-sale/

(the original works are 20″x24″ silver gelatin photographs collaged with silk, sepia ink and silver/gold leaf)


“weaving the invisible” 2012-2016


“dream mapping” 2012-2016


“revolutions of the heavenly sphere” 2016


“the waters of life” 2016


“world mother” 2016


“when the heart first opens” 2012-2016


from the song, “The Gift” by Bruce Cockburn

In this cold commodity culture

Where you lay your money down

It’s hard to even notice

That all this earth is hallowed ground …

The gift keeps moving

Never know where it’s going to land

You must stand back and let it

Keep on changing hands.