December ~ Story, Art & Transformation


SAT Dec 2015

Story, Art & Transformation ~ Water ~

December 5th OR December 20th, 2015        9am-5pm

I hope you can join me in December’s Story, Art & Transformation workshop. This month we will explore the element of water. This does not have to be the “theme” of your altered book but a place to begin to dig a little deeper into the mystery of your own story ~

Here in the northwest, as we move beyond the fall equinox and look ahead to the winter solstice ~ water begins to nearly envelop us. Even in these past months of less rainfall and higher temperatures then we have historically seen, we are still able to count on the return of the rains.

Water is often associated with the emotional qualities of intuition, introspection, empathy, deep sensitivity and receptivity. Other times more difficult qualities such as moodiness, jealousy and cold may be associated. There are many deities in mythology who find relationship with water as well as numerous spiritual and ritual traditions that involve sacred rivers, streams and seas. Sometimes the ceremonial action is of purification; a washing away of impurities, placing one in water or anointing in baptism.

Another significant connection that we have to water is the powerful relationship between the tides and the cycles of the moon.

I would encourage you to do some research and muse into the meaning and metaphorical quality of water and consider how this element resonates with you and your own personal story? 

Here are a few beautifully crafted words by poet David Whyte from “Crossing the Unknown Sea” ~

“You are like Rilke’s swan in his awkward waddling across the ground; the swan doesn’t cure his awkwardness by beating himself on the back, by moving faster, or trying to organize himself better. He does it by moving toward the elemental water, where he belongs. It is the simple contact with the water that gives him grace and presence. You only have to touch the elemental waters in your own life, and it will transform everything.”