Story, Art & Transformation ~ Dreams, waking & sleeping


January 2016 SAT

Story, Art & Transformation

Dreams, waking & sleeping

January 30 ~ 9-5pm

I am offering the next Story, Art & Transformation workshop in a couple of weeks so I wanted to give you some ideas of what you might be thinking about in preparation. I am able to accommodate 6 women comfortably in the studio so talk to your friends and sign up soon! If this date fills up I intend to offer future workshops this coming spring. Also, look forward to a future offering where I will break this day long workshop into three hour long segments over several weeks.

First and foremost come to this day together with an open mind and a willingness to stretch yourself ~ both artistically and in your vulnerability. In readings and support materials that I offer, I will be considering how both our waking and sleeping dreams influence our life story. The ‘theme’ of your book is personal and can be anything you choose it to be. I want you to create a container for your own voice. Not something you worry about others judging or critiquing but a place that you can muse in image and possibly in words about some of the significant touchstones in your life. This is not meant to be simply a scrapbook but something where you dive a little deeper. What you think you might do may become something completely different ~ allow for what shows up. This isn’t always easy but that is why we come together to support each other in this work. On this day I encourage you to listen to mystery instead of logic!