Story, Art & Transformation ~ middle school girls ~



Story, Art & Transformation

~ middle school girls ~

June 23, 2016 ~ 9 to 4pm


            I had the great pleasure today to spend seven hours with six 12 and 13 year old girls. This is the first time I have worked with this age group in the Story, Art & Transformation workshop. The most striking difference in my experience of this particular workshop, usually held with adult women, is that these girls sat down and simply got to work. They had NO inhibitions, NO worry about others judging their work, NO worry about doing it “right”, NO FEAR! It was really beautiful how quickly they got to work and how they sustained that work for the entire time! I had to remind them to stop for lunch. I didn’t spend much time talking about many of the issues of transitions and transformations that I do with adult women but we did talk briefly about this significant transition from childhood to young adulthood that they are now entering. They worked very intuitively for the most part, asking mostly technical questions in how to do something. My only suggestion to all of them at the end of the day was that they might slow down a little bit and literally, let the glue and ink dry before they go on to the next page. This is a slow process and one that I hope they will continue. It was not expected that they complete their books. I suggested that they continue with this book or begin another on a significant day ~ annually. I have several past participants who take their book whenever they travel with a small bag of supplies to add to it. It has also become a daily/monthly practice for many others. I look forward and hope to do this again with another group of young women.

            Here are a few examples of their book pages ~

ria west






adaryn2     adaryn