workshops ~ 2015/16


Story, Art & Transformation ~

Earth, Air, Water & Fire


workshop schedule 2015/16


This year Story, Art & Transformation will be slightly different. As before my intention is to create a space where women can express themselves visually through the creation of an altered book. Each person will take an already existing book; one they have treasured, one where the meaning and contents reasonate with them, or a book that has been gifted or found ~ this book will be transformed through the addition of images, drawings, collage, poetry ~ any number of elements that you choose to express aspects of your own story. What will be held differently is that we will hold a theme in each workshop to help guide this creation and tell our stories.

These themes will move through the four classical elements often considered to be the root of all existing matter: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each of these elements is associated with traits and meanings that may reasonate with your own unfolding story or aspects of your story as you have moved through your life ~ past to present. We will discuss in more  detail each of the elements and how you might imagine these symbolically or metaphorically on the pages of your altered book.

There will be a fifth workshop which will begin on Friday evening, January 29th and continue through the following Saturday, January 30th. This evening/day long workshop will allow for another level of depth and connection for the women attending. A container will be created the first evening with a shared potluck meal, an opening ritual and a discussion about our intentions. We will all sleep either in my house or in the cottage (which comfortably sleeps four) and wake to breakfast and a day of  focused work in the studio on our altered books. Sleeping in shared space as well as setting our intentions before we sleep can be a powerful
way to dream into a creative action.

October 10 ~ Earth

December 5 ~ Air

January 20-30 ~ Dreams waking and sleeping

March 26 ~ Water

May 7 ~ Fire

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?  The world would split open”
Muriel Rukeyser