weaving the invisible


weaving the invisible work in process

June 30, 2017 “flight”, 2017, 3′ x 6′, mixed media with japanese paper and ink on canvas moving slowly southward  aerial view of ocean bodies  tributaries of the nooksack, lummi, skagit and baker  as the crow flies 75 miles ~ 35 minutes of slow motion flight  my eyes mostly closed, headphones, muffling outside but all …

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update on Indra’s Net 2017

Indra's Net

Creating Communities ~ Weaving Indra’s Net in Whatcom County Project Neighborly This past January I received a grant from the Whatcom Community Foundation. Shortly after this past 2016 presidential election, the Foundation put out a call for entries in Whatcom county for project proposals in all disciplines, the grant called Project Neighborly was intended to …

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