weaving the invisible

Weaving the Invisible, exhibition opening in Bellingham, WA

weaving the invisible work in process

  Weaving the Invisible opening exhibition at tide lines shop & SAKU tea   artwork by Debra Goldman (detail from “world mother”)   opening 6-9pm Friday, August 5, 2016 hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11-5pm open Friday evenings beginning in August!   833 North State Street Bellingham, WA   tidelinesbham@gmail.com debragoldman6@gmail.com    

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animas river postcard

Indra's Net

“There’s a thread you follow,it goes among things that change.But it doesn’t change.People wonder about what you are pursuing.You have to explain about the thread.But it is hard for others to see.While you hold it youcan’t get lost. Tragedies happen,people get hurt or die;and you suffer and get old.Nothing you do can stop times unfolding. …

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