Fabric donations for Indra’s Net ~ A Community Art Collaboration

Indra's Net

Creating Indra’s Net ~

A Community Art Collaboration

Ironton Studios ~ Denver, Colorado

January 10, 2016

fabric donation

I want to remind you of our upcoming project  in Denver, Colorado on January 10th. Olivia and I will be working with the greater Denver community and Wall of Women Colorado to create a second Indra’s Net. I’ve been asked to co create this net with Wall of Women Colorado, an environmental activist group who is working towards building awareness of the dangers of fossil fuel extraction and it’s impact on the future of our planet for future generations. We’ll be co hosting the event with old friends at Ironton Studios in downtown Denver.

I am encouraging you to donate fabric to this community net! The fabric can be something you have worn, something of personal significance or something you have found at a thrift store. Preferably fabric of natural fibers. It can be yardage or clothing and all will be stripped into 1/2 to 1 inch lengths. These lengths will be knotted together and tied into a net. Please contact me if you need to send me your donation of fabric. You can do so by subscribing through this blog and/or leaving a comment. 

thank you all so much for your support in community,