Ohana: Dreaming in Red

Ohana: Dreaming in Red

Women’s March 2017
March for Our Lives 2018

It is increasingly clear that our cultural values have been undermined, so that even among the masses, and especially among today’s youth, there are individuals who are seeking, not so much the destruction of the old, as something new on which to build. And because the destruction has been so widespread and has gone so deep, this new foundation must be located in the depths in the most natural, the most primordial, most universally human core of existence. ~ Marie-Louise von Franz (1975)

“…the “betwixt and between” times, the threshold transition times, deserve special attention as constructive “building blocks” for change, or possibly transformation and initiation to another level of consciousness. These liminal or threshold times have a power of their own for both the individual and the culture at large. These stages of liminality have great potential for each of us at these significant crossroads in our lives.”  from Betwixt & Between: Patterns of Masculine and Feminine Initiation, editors: Louise Cares Mahdi, Steven Foster & Meredith Little

I have been living in this liminal place as has my daughter….perhaps we are always in between but there are most definitely times in our lives when we are clearly leaving behind what we believed to be “true”, what held us in our lives and what we move towards becoming ~ yet known, the discomfort of this place of “betwixt and between”, the amount of trust in oneself and hopefully in those who support you is enormous. I have witnessed both my daughter and myself move in this liminality over these past fifteen months. The work here represents these many weeks of listening deeply to one another, when there sometimes were no words but only distance ~ still listening and witnessing and trusting that each experience was necessary for the initiation to take place.

describing a process

in words and images,

of paying attention to what is between my thoughts

writing down dreams

stopping to rest

walking, lot’s of walking.

my friend Tina visiting the women’s mystery chambers in Pompeii fall 2017

Ohana: Dreaming in Red

In April I am having an exhibition of new work, all the work began with one piece: “sending and receiving”, a gift for my daughter. Named for the Buddhist practice of Tonglen, a practice of opening the heart, one visualizes taking in the pain of others with every in-breath and sending out relief on the out-breath.


In the past fifteen months I have explored the many places in my waking and dreaming life that have sustained me through emotionally demanding times. Continuous reflective work has led me to the ancient mystery chambers of Pompeii: the deep red of these initiation chambers
both touch and teach our deepest wounding. Pairing this with symbols of the alchemical process, metaphorically capturing the poignant dynamics of change and transformation. As I continue to follow this creative thread, I look for new mythologies to live by. This has provided me with the artistic energy for the enduring challenges of soul making and what lies ahead.

April 2018

Perry & Carlson Gallery


Dreaming in Red #2 of 10, 12″x16″

Dreaming in Red #9 of 10, 12″x16″