sending & receiving for olivia

work in process

january 3, 2017

for-oliviasending & receiving ~ for olivia

16″x20″, paper and mixed media on canvas


At the Threshold of Womanhood

by John O’Donohue

It is like awakening into a morning
Where everything is touched with change.
Now your body has a mind of its own
As it curves and fills into womanhood.

The lightness of being a girl is leaving,
And your thoughts too are taking you
To places you have never known before.

Becoming a woman, you feel the moon
Tug at your blood, and you begin to sense
The mysteries of your new body.

May you enter beautifully into the feminine,
Learning to trust the world of feeling you inherit,
Finding ease and elegance in all you are.

May your respect for your beauty
Become visible in your dignity
And how you hold yourself in the world.

May the expectation in other eyes
Never decide how you are to be;
Learn to trust the advise of your heart.

May you feel life as an irresistible invitation
To discover and develop your talents,
Each day bringing something new to birth.

May you be wise in choosing love;
When you trust, give all your heart
And allow love to pervade you like breath.

May you have friends who can see you.
May your senses be windows of wonder
And your mind a prism of spirit.